Sewer and drain:
Clogged drains can be caused by many things including soap scum, hair and grease. Blockages are most often caused by excessive buildups of grease (a result of pouring cooking grease and fat down the kitchen sink). When flushed, plastic and other non-soluble materials such as feminine products, baby wipes, diapers and kitty litter can also get caught in the line and block the flow of wastewater through the system.
A common problem is also tree and shrub roots that have grown into the line. Sanitary sewer lines installed prior to 1980 in Denver County are primarily made of cast iron or clay and can deteriorate or become brittle over time. Roots seek water and will find their way through cracks and holes causing blockages and further damage.

Green Plumbing Solutions will find the cause and clean the line. For a reoccurring or larger problem with the main sewer line, to troubleshoot we utilize our Digital Video Camera Detection System, which makes digging up the earth needless at this point.

Sewer Pipe Cleaning
At Green Plumbing Solutions we specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial servicing for all types of drain cleaning issues ranging from simple toilet problems to main sewer backups and everything in between. We use electric power snakes to not only clear your blockage, but to scrape all build up and debris from the inside of your pipe

Digital Color Video Camera Detection System
By using the latest in digital technology to inspect pipes, we have access to clear digital imagery of the pipe that allows us to detect any crack, leak or clog that will interfere with the flow of any pipe or sewer without digging or drilling into the earth. Utilizing this new method with the digital camera will save time by pinpointing accurately the problem within the sewer pipe.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement
If there are many main sewer line backups over time, we can perform a camera inspection to see if there is any cracking, collapsing, or root infiltration. Then we can determine if a section or the entire main sewer needs to be repaired or even replaced. If your sewer is in need of replacement, we can install a new sewer line with our trenchless technique. This allows us to work with very little digging up your yard, sidewalks, or driveway.

No chemicals used
While there are products on the market that offer a do-it-yourself remedy, these oftentimes offer only a temporary fix and can cause bigger problems later. Besides, as a green company we do not promote the use of any chemicals to clean the lines. In addition to being harmful to the environment they often cause damage to the pipes themselves. Any stoppage can be broken up through mechanical force, and with some precautions taken by the home owner and the performance of routine maintenance the pipes will stay clean and flowing over the years.

Pipe Bursting For Pipe Replacement
For decades, the only way to replace or repair broken sewer lines was to dig a deep trench (usually four to six feet underground) to expose the entire length of the pipeline. The old pipe had to be pulled up and discarded and lengths of new pipe had to be carefully laid in place and fused together.
Green Plumbing Solutions utilizes "Trenchless" replacement methods. Trenchless methods require little digging and fixes pipes from the inside resulting in less environmental impact. We use a Pipe Bursting system to replace pipe sections.

Green Plumbing Solutions method is non-invasive and requires only a couple of small pits to gain access to the damaged pipes below ground. Using the broken sewer line as our guide, our hydraulic pipe-bursting machinery pulls full-sized, seamless replacement pipe through the old pipe's path while breaking up the old damaged pipe in the process.

Once the job is completed, the entrance and exit pits can be quickly refilled, leaving little or no evidence of activity. The new heavy-duty polyethylene pipe we use has a life expectancy of up to one hundred years. And since the pipe is seamless, it is impervious to leaks or root intrusion.

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