New Connected Plumbing Devices Improve Energy Efficiency and Home Safety

In the technological age we live in there are many advances in Smart Devices that make your life easier and improve the functionality of everyday living. This is also true in the new connected plumbing devices that allow you to monitor your plumbing right from your smart phone. Installing these connected devices is a great way to protect your home while you are at work or traveling. Monitoring your plumbing performance allows you to save energy and prevent expensive and dangerous flooding that can damage your home.

Flood Protection & Leak Detection Devices

New, connected solutions offer homeowners peace of mind by detecting unexpected leaks and burst pipes before they become a costly problem. Installing leak detection devices will help you monitor moisture levels in any area of your home. If significant moisture is detected the device will send you an alert so that you can attend to the area of concern before it gets out of hand. The devices themselves don’t shut off the water for you, but they can detect issues that might’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.

Take flood protection to the next level with Whole Home Water Monitors and Shutoff Valves. These are devices that connect to the main water line in your home. Once connected, the devices monitor water use, and will alert you when leaks are detected. You can set them to automatically shut off the water supply to prevent flooding. These devices allow you to control your home’s water supply and monitor usage patterns- right from your phone.

Another revolutionary plumbing product is the Appliance Shutoff Valve. These shutoff valve devices are similar to whole home monitors, but their main function is to automatically shut off the water supply to specific appliances if a leak is detected. When the valve shuts off the water, it will then alert you with an alarm or app notification on your phone, preventing water damage automatically.

If you rely on a sump pump to keep water out of your basement, you might consider a newer smarter model. These new systems include battery powered backup pumps and an app to monitor water levels, battery life, and function status right from your phone. Additionally, a new smart outlet can be installed, which monitors pump health, power, and water levels, alerting you to a problem before it’s too late.

Energy Efficient Connected Plumbing Fixtures

There are many plumbing fixtures that have been recently developed with energy efficiency being their key focus. New wireless IoT fixtures provide useful data to save energy and water, not only does this improve plumbing efficiency but it also allows you to control your plumbing fixtures remotely.

New Digital Shower Valves have recently been released on the market.  These Smart Shower Vales allow you to preheat the water to your desired temperature before stepping into the bathroom. Utilizing temperature control with duration presets through voice control and a digital display allows for the perfect shower, every day.

Green Plumbing Solutions is familiar with all the latest Smart Plumbing Devices and are excited to upgrade your home. Contact us for more information on Connected Devices and ways to improve energy efficiency in your home or business.

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