The Importance of Plumbing Drains and Vents

Every house’s plumbing system is responsible for bringing in clean water for bathing, drinking, cleaning, and other essential tasks. The plumbing also must bring waste away from the house to the sewer and septic system. This means that noxious gases from sewers need to be securely kept away from the home. In addition, sewage needs to be able to drain out away from the home. Imagine trying to flush something down a clogged hole. In order to prevent damage to your home, plumbing drains and vents must be kept in good condition and be cleaned.

DWV System

The DWV system stands for the Drain-Wind-Vent system. Like a labyrinth, the DWV is composed of a network of intersecting pipes that go to all of the water sources in the house, like the sinks, tubs, showers, dishwasher, and washer machine. The DWV has the job of removing waste away from an area, so clear pipes are a must.

In the basement or crawlspace on the bottom floor, a group or “stack” of coiled pipes connects to the sewer system outside. The stack works like a vent; at the top of it gases leak out of the home. Its design also allows outside air coming to keep draining consistent.

DWV Pipes

Most older homes use cast iron pipes in their DWV systems, and lead solder encases them. Nowadays, more durable materials that do not erode as quickly are available, like rigid PVC or ABS material and glue. These materials tend to be easier to use than iron steel, which requires more expertise. Newer homes are more and more turning to iron steel but with neoprene as a sealant. It provides a less noisy experience than plastic piping like PVC.

Vent Problems

If the DWV system is unable to properly vent gases through the top of the stack, dangerous chemicals and gases can get trapped into your home and prove harmful. If the vent pushes into an upper area like an attic, it’s equally as dangerous. Anytime you may smell gas or foul odors, it can be a blocked vent. If water goes out of one drain and into another, or vice versa, you may want to check into a vent being clogged or misaligned.

It’s not hard to experience a problem with your DWV system since it’s an intricate set of pipes responsible for doing an important task. If you ever suspect you have a problem, contact a professional for advice.

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