Locating and Dealing with Sewer Problems

Dealing with Sewer Problems

When a sewer blockage or drain issue is not so clearly identified, the experts can help. A professional sewer and drainage company can locate the source of your problem using few simple, non-invasive steps.

  • Lifting manhole covers and running water through the system is a quick and easy method to identify many types of blockages.
  • Colored dyes are used to run through various sections of the drain network to identify the blockage.
  • Plugging the lower end of the drain and running water through it shows if the drain is capable of holding the water, or if it will allow the water to leak away. Once the plug is removed, if the water was held, it should flow away quickly.
  • CCTV cameras are used to inspect the homes drainage system. The camera is mounted to a crawler unit and is either taped or viewed in real-time to locate blockages, cracks, and other damages in the pipes.

Who is Responsible?

Once the problem is located, there is the matter of who is responsible for the damages, and the repairs. There are always stipulations and a few loop holes in the responsibility chain, but there are basic standards to help you determine who may be responsible.

Home owners are responsible for pipes and drains that run from the home to the public sewer system. You can contact your local sewer company to have them inspect the blockage to determine if it is their responsibility or not. If it is all your responsibility, or just a portion, check with your home owners insurance for coverage.

Neighboring homes may be responsible for the blockage. You can contact your local environmental health department for them to inspect and investigate the situation and determine who is responsible for the damages.

The water company is responsible for the sewer drains that carry waste from your home. The systems are designed to take away the waste, as well as surrounding water from various homes and any damage or blockage that occurs within the system is often the responsibility of the local sewer company. Sewers that are privately owned run the risk of being both the home owners and the local sewer company’s responsibility, depending on the issue, and where the drainage systems are placed. If they are underground, the public sewer company often takes ownership of the problem, but if the drainage systems are run above ground, the home owner is often left with the responsibility.

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