Solving Sewer & Drain Problems

If you have sewer and drain problems and your drains are blocked, cracked or broken, the issue can cause serious structural damage if you do not act quickly. Some of the issues are small enough that you can tackle them yourself, while others require the help of the experts.


Simple blockages in the sink or tub are often caused by hair, grease or other debris. Using a plunger, over-the-counter drain cleaners or unscrewing the trap is often all that is needed. While many blockages are inside the home, and only require regular maintenance, other blockages are outside of the home and out of reach for the home owner.

Leaves are a common problem with blockage issues. Leaves can block a downpipe causing drainage issues, and are easily cleaned out by the home owner or an expert sewer cleaner. If you suspect the problem is more serious than a simple cleanout, it is recommended to call on an expert for help.

Signs of a Drain Problem

There are a variety of signs that point to a drainage issue. Some of the most common include:

  • Difficulty flushing the toilet
  • Slow draining sinks
  • Foul smelling water collecting on surfaces either inside or outside of the home
  • Leaking drains
  • Noticeable cracks in the brickwork, driveways, windowsills or other areas of the homes foundation

What is the Cause of the Problem?

Many of the drainage issues are straight-forward blockages, but others are caused by a variety of other problems. Age and deterioration of the pipes and joints is a main problem in older homes.

Victorian homes often have salt-glazed clayware drains where cracks and porous joints can occur after the homes sit for over 100 years. The homes also have cast iron pipes that commonly corrode.
Homes in the 1960’s frequently used pitch fiber pipes that deteriorate over time, or even deflate, blister and collapse. Poorly designed manholes and drain systems contribute to a variety of issues in these homes.

Tree roots are a common problem for drain blockage issues. The roots can seep into the deteriorating pipes in even the smallest of cracks and expand the crack and add further damage to the pipes. The roots also create a blockage in the pipe, creating a drainage problem.

As water leaks away from the pipe, it rakes soil along with it. This results in a soft ground and can even become widespread to neighboring homes. It is important that you are quickly able to locate the problem, and find a solution before the problem becomes out of control. Call on an expert sewer cleaner to help you locate less than obvious problems.

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