How Sewer Problems Are Solved

Solving Sewer Problems

Depending on the type of sewer problem you have, the solutions vary. The simplest process for removing a blockage is to use drainage rods, cutters on the rotating steel rods, or high-pressure jets.

Tree roots require the use of remote control cutting tools that cut the roots away from the pipe to free up the blockage, and to prevent further ones.

If the drain is broken or cracked, it can easily be repaired by relining the drain system. The relining process can be performed without excavation or any disruption to the piping system. Methods for this repair include the use of a CIPP (cured in place pipe). The pipe is deflated and inserted into the original pipe, then inflated to line the original pipe. A polyester sock with a flexible internal liner can also be used for this type of repair. UV lining can also be winched through the pipe and then cured using UV light that is pulled through the pipe.

  • Isolated repairs are simple procedures that can be performed without disruption of the drainage system. The repair is limited to the repair of just one section of the piping system. This repair could be a pipe replacement, a relining of a section of the pipe, or removal of a blockage.
  • Larger repairs that require more pipe replacement can also be done without disruption of the drainage system. Each pipe is replaced section by section. This procedure allows home owners to replace their entire drain system without excavating large areas of their yards.
  • If excavating is necessary, the ground can be dug up by hand or with the use of mechanical diggers. The excavation is minimal, even for an entire drain system replacement.

What You Need to Know

  • Before you begin any digging in your yard, you must contact your local building control department. They need to be notified of any alterations or reconstructions you are planning for your drain system.
  • If your home does not have an inspection chamber, the sewer company will need to dig down to find it further under the ground.
  • If you have a septic tank or a soak away, it needs to be cleaned and de-sludged at least once a year in order to prevent any build-up, blockages, or other damages.

Most importantly; make sure you contact a reputable sewer or drain company to perform the job. Ask questions about how they plan to tackle the job, the length of time it will take them, and if you are responsible for obtaining any permits.

Never be afraid to ask any questions, and if you feel your questions are not being answered honestly, or you are being ignored, move on to another contractor that will treat you with the respect you deserve.

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